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Total Number of Drum Majors:90

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Drum Major Contest Date / 2016 No of Drum Major
Abigail Wenlock Cullybackey 8
Alan Wallace Irvine and District 3
Alex McKillop Galloway Pipes and Drums 3
Alexander Stewart Stonehouse 1
Alicia Dickson Hamilton Matt Boyd Memorial 15
Allan Wallace Irvine and District 2
Andrea McKeown Battlehill 2
Andrea McKeown Gibson Battlehill 13
Andrea Stevenson Not Supplied 1
Andy Lyon Royal Burgh of Stirling 17
Andy Weir Glencorse 3
Angus Laurie Knox Grammar School 3 ? Australia 1
Anthony Evans St Benedicts ? South Africa 1
Becky Cox Troon Blackrock 15
Benjamin Walker Battlehill 4
Beth Turner College of Piping 11
Caitlin Graham Upper Crossgare 7
Campbell Gillies Rothesay and District 2
Campbell Waddell Kirkcudbright and District 10
Carys Graham Upper Crossgare 4
Charlotte Ruddock Battlehill 4
David Brownlee Derryclavin 8
David Rae Ellon and District 1
Dennis Ducsik Worcester Kiltie ? USA 1
Ellie Tremlett RSPBA 3
Emily Crooks McNeillstown 7
Emma Barr Field Marshal Montgomery 8
Erinn McIlwaine Cullybackey 7
Eve Llewellyn Camelon and District 8
Eve Llewelyn Camelon and District 2
Geertjan Van Rooij Balagan - Denmark 10
Gemma McDowell Tullylagan 4
Gibb Fraser Coalburn IOR 12
Graham Wilson Craigmount Caledonia 4
Hannah Donald Gillygooley 3
Iain Campbell Kintyre Schools 1
Iona Burns Spirit of Scotland 2
Iona Burns Spirit of Scotland 5
James Kennedy Whitewater 6
Jamie Cupples Killeen 6
Jason Nicholl Tullylagan 8
Jason Paguio Simon Fraser University ? Canada 2
Jason Price Ballycoan 6
Jim Gibb Scottish Borders 2
Joanne Graham Bleary and District 9
Jordan Hamlett St Benedicts College 3
Kara Gilmour Finvoy 8
Kathryn McKeown Battlehill 8
Kathy Hunter Manorcunningham 8
Katie Bicker Marlacoo 5
Katie Clarke RSPBA 3
Kenny Forbes Vale of Atholl 3
Kevan Renton Johnstone 4
Lana Gibson Ballyboley 6
Lauren Abraham Ballybriest 6
Lauren Freeburn Marlacoo & District 3
Lauren Hanna Drumlough 16
Leah Harrower Cassells Royal Burgh of Stirling 5
Leah Harrower-Cassells Royal Burgh of Stirling 1
Leanne Crooks Syerla and District 4
Lee Nicholl Tullylagan 8
Liam Renton Inveraray and District 9
Louis Anderson Crozier Memorial 5
Louise Smiton Closkelt 2
Louise Smitton Closkelt 3
Lucas Adamson Gilnahirk 7
Melissa Burrows Drumlough 5
Michael Binder Stockbridge 12
Michael Dubisz Cameron Highlanders of San Diego 3
Michael Leitch Portlethen and District 4
Mickie Shaw Cameron Highlanders of San Diego 3
Mike Spain Kinross and District 5
Miriam Van Rooij Belgian Blend 2
Paula Braiden Cullybackey 15
Rachael Lowry Armaghbreague 2
Rachel Lowry Armaghbreague 5
Rebecca Hamilton Tullylagan 7
Richard Henderson Lochmaben Royal Burgh 14
Rowan Murdoch Denny and Dunipace Gleneagles 13
Sharon Smith Troon Blackrock 6
T Brown Northumberland Scottish 1
Thomas Richard Lorenzen Police Scotland Fife 6
Tony McBain Methil and District 15
Tyrone Graham William Kerr Memorial 8
Vikki Singer McDonald Memorial 9
William Jordan Scottish Power 10
William Tingey Knox Grammar School 3 ? Australia 1
Zachary Wyatt Knox Grammar School 2 ? Australia 1
Zara Cupples Cullybackey 8
Zoe McDowell Aughintober 4

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